This article completes the lists of items to be included in the preparation of the preliminary cost estimate and the final bid. A guide is provided for estimating each item. (34) Plumbing- plumbing work, if the bid is to be on a firm lump-sum basis, must be taken as a subcontract price. For preliminary purposes rough prices can be figured. (35) Heating- for preliminary heating system price, include the following units: (1) a forced warm air, gas fired system can be figure on a unit basis; (2) a hot water heating system is figured on a fixed unit basis; and (3) an air conditioning system. (36) Electrical work- electrical work is also approached on a unit basis for preliminary estimate. (37) Survey- lot lines for the building must be located by a registered surveyor to assure that the house is placed on the proper land area. The layout of the building on the lot is generally done by the concrete contractor. (38) Building permits- the cost of building permits varies widely from township to township, but it is a simple matter to call the appropriate city hall and ask for the local rates. (39) Temporary heat- along with temporary heat for the building we should also discuss temporary window and door enclosures. If it is necessary to work inside the building during cold weather, it is advisable to have the furnace installed and heat the building. (40) Trucking- trucking includes miscellaneous trips to and from the building site with various materials for either your own men or for any subcontractors you put on the job. (41) Clean up debris- this item includes all miscellaneous clean-up on the job for both the interior and exterior of the building during construction plus the final clean up at the end. (42) Property cost- the cost of the property or land does not technically come under the cost of the residence. However, in some cases the general contractor furnishes the land along with the building. (43) Architect's fees- architect's fees for a residence can vary considerably. In the case of a custom-built house, there will be many conferences with the architect and the fee will vary accordingly.