Shockingly, the symphony orchestra where I live had a short-lived strike recently. I’m not sure what issues were at the center of the dispute. Maybe the musicians’ chairs were not cushioned enough, or perhaps they wanted more caviar during lunch breaks.

All kidding aside, I admire these musicians and do not want to demean the strikers’ talents. They did not become some of the best musicians in the world by accident. Like top-notch athletes, they are born with natural talent. But they must hone those skills from the first time they picked up their instruments as children to just before they perform at a sold-out concert.

It reminds me of the old joke. Someone walking down a New York City street asks a passing musician, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?,” prompting the answer, “practice, practice, practice.”

Our own industry is not much different. Contractors are born with natural problem-solving skills and are also mechanically inclined. But as most of you know, they must constantly receive training, in addition to keeping up with the latest methods and technologies.

Concrete contractors will have the ideal opportunity to brush up on their skills at World of Concrete in a few short months. It’s not too early to plan and consider which classes are most appropriate. On page CS-63, we have listed the Concrete Repair and Decorative Concrete seminars that will be of interest to you.

There are also a couple of hands-on training events you should find helpful. You can learn more about Stamped Concrete and Concrete Repair during morning or afternoon sessions. You might also consider participating in the Artistry Demonstrations (page CS-59).

It’s wise to take advantage of opportunities like these. To sign up and for updates on the show, visit