Safety has to be brought to a personal level. You've got to show your employees what's in it for them. For example:

  1. Set up a display in a highly visible spot on the jobsite. Place damaged safety equipment inside the case. Next to each item, include the name and a short story about the person whose eyes, fingers, toes, or life each piece of equipment saved.
  2. Give workers an active role in safety. For example, when you visit a jobsite, ask one worker to stop for five minutes, step back, and look at his work area. Ask him to look for safety violation and things that can be done to make the work area safer.
  3. Encourage workers to complete one-page "near miss" reports of accidents that almost happened.
  4. Dramatic films or videos graphically depicting accidents also can have a sobering effect.
  5. Get new workers involved in safety before you put them on the job.