The International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA) – a non-profit organization dedicated to serving as the leading promotional and technical resource for acceptance of diamond grinding and grooving as well as pavement preservation and restoration – has announced the winners of their annual awards program.

Presented at their annual awards banquet, held in Indian Wells, Calif. on Nov. 29, the purpose of the program is to honor individuals and companies/organizations for lasting contributions made to the grooving, grinding and concrete pavement preservation/restoration industry.

The 2011 Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Promoter of the Year Award was presented to two industry promoters at this year’s banquet. Bob Long, Executive Director of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC) of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), and Craig Hennings, Executive Director of the Southwest Chapter of the ACPA were selected. The award recognizes an individual or company each year for exemplary efforts towards promoting diamond grooving, grinding and CPR.

Long has been with the ACPA MAC since 1993. With responsibility for the Association’s promotional efforts in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia, Bob conducts and coordinates activities with departments of transportation, aviation authorities, municipalities, consulting engineers and the military to promote the use of quality concrete pavements in the transportation market. He is being recognized with the Promoter of the Year Award for his tireless efforts in the West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland markets in promoting CPR.

“After years of frustrating efforts in West Virginia with small sporadic successes, we convinced the Division of Highways’ (DOH) senior management to support our industry by converting a 15-mile corridor to concrete. Soon after that, the senior management changed, but we continued to push for competition and asked for a place at the bidding table. The new management saw the need for competition and through the gradual implementation of alternate bidding, concrete is now at the table for all new construction and we are just starting to bid alternates on overlays,” he explained. “The annual concrete pavement market share has steadily grown in West Virginia over the past several years and at the end of 2010 it was 30 percent. Once concrete pavements were an accepted part of the program, adding CPR was the next logical step,” said Long.

“This award means a great deal to me – especially being recognized by my peers and I am honored to have received it,” said Long. “It is quite satisfying to see concrete pavement restoration become a part of the West Virginia highway maintenance toolbox after 18 years. During the course of establishing CPR in West Virginia, it was truly a team effort utilizing the resources and members of the IGGA to make it successful. This just shows the strength and support that our industry has for concrete pavement restoration. We are starting to see success in Maryland and expansion in Virginia, as well and look forward to what will come in the future.”

“Bob has not only created a market in the Virginia and West Virginia area, but he has changed their culture which will sustain the market into the future,” said Roberts. “Through Bob’s efforts we have seen a remarkable shift in this marketplace. I know that once he had successfully introduced concrete paving into this market, concrete pavement preservation was soon to follow. What impresses me the most is the short time frame he required to do so.”

Hennings has been a member of the ACPA Southwest Chapter for the past four years. With responsibility for promotional efforts in California and Nevada, Craig aggressively promotes proper design, specification and construction of new concrete pavements as well as the maintenance/preservation of concrete pavements in these states. Over the years, he has actively promoted concrete overlays in both states, holding training meetings and identifying concrete pavement preservation demonstration sites. He noted that he sees this as a way to “keep concrete pavements concrete,” by preserving what’s there without adding structural capacity.

“I am honored to be recognized by the IGGA for my pavement preservation promotional efforts in California and Nevada,” said Hennings. “In California we have an old highway network that could benefit from pavement preservation treatments, so I have my work cut out for me.”

“What is taking place in California in recent years is truly remarkable. The amount of diamond grinding and concrete pavement preservation projects being let this year alone dwarfs what we have seen at any time in our history,” remarked Roberts. “Craig has played a very strong role in this success.”

The Operator of the Year (Iron Man) Award was presented to Dana Gillespie, Operations Manager of Interstate Sealant & Concrete (ISC) of Waukesha, Wis. The purpose of this award is to recognize the men and women who work in the field for their leadership with special emphasis on his/her dedication to quality and getting the job done right.

Gillespie has worked at ISC for the past four years and has quickly become a well-respected leader among the team. He was awarded with the Operator of the Year Award for his inspiration to fellow employees, guidance and overwhelming skill and knowledge on any jobsite.

“I was surprised to receive this award and it means a lot to me,” said Gillespie. “But I didn’t get this award by myself. It takes a team to do this. I wouldn’t be here without the owners of ISC - they are big part of my success.”

“Through Dana’s attention to details and leadership, ISC has gained and retained a strong customer foundation made up of airports, military bases and highways nationwide that demand high standards in quality, safety and competency,” said Cheryl Sment, President of ISC. “We would not have earned this level of customer respect without Dana’s conscientious leadership.”

This year, Abdul Dahhan and his team at the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) have been selected to receive the Government Official of the Year for their foresight in implementing diamond grinding and concrete pavement preservation in Illinois. The Government/Public Official of the Year Award recognizes leadership in transportation activities with special emphasis on grooving, grinding and CPR.

“Abdul and his staff have approached the integration of CPP into their program in a smart, methodical way, and have taken time and effort to schedule several engineering training sessions in partnership with the IGGA to make sure that the program got off to a good start,” said Scott Eilken, Owner, Quality Saw & Seal. “His willingness to partner with the industry was key to the program’s overall success.”