Most Influential

In this issue, you will see that we have our selections for Most Influential People in the concrete industry. It’s always fun to be able to recognize those in our industry who are doing something special. We will introduce this year’s selections during a special event at World of Concrete. If you are at the show, help us recognize these five outstanding individuals on Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 4 p.m. in Concrete Construction’s How-To Zone in the Silver Lot in front of the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Minority Involvement

I’m always a little disheartened that we don’t have more minorities, especially African Americans, in the concrete industry. So I was glad to hear from Tom Russack with news about his book, Masonry History Integrity: An Urban Conservation Primer, recently published by the National Center for Preservation Technology & Training. Russack developed this book for a class in masonry and concrete for the Abyssinian Development Corp. in Harlem, New York. This class is “the first step of exploration for young people interested in construction, masonry preservation, green technology, building repair, and conservation of the urban environment.” You can download the book free at

Concrete Testing

Plans for the events at the World of Concrete are complete. One event I think will be really interesting is our testing seminar on Thursday morning in the How-To Zone (you can register at Because part of the program will be trying to identify defects, the slab will be cast with some problems. Sue Basham, who runs all the outdoor exhibits and construction, was a little amused when I told her that we needed some bad concrete. They get lots of requests for various kinds of slabs but defects are not what most people are looking for. We will cast in some delaminations, poorly consolidated areas, thin sections—maybe even the occasional empty beer can!

This year will be the start of the concrete industry’s big comeback. Keep in touch with the latest insider information.