Any vocation that didn't have its share of problems would probably end up as a rather dull, mindless job. Of course, it's not the problems that make a job enjoyable ... it's the solving of them that gives satisfaction and variety. Probably the most commonly used source of help is your storehouse of knowledge and experience and that of the people with whom you work. This is readily available and easily applied to problems. Trade and technical associations offer information and advisory services. Often a call or a letter to one of these groups will be of help in solving problems. Finally, periodicals dealing with the concrete industry also can be valuable source of information. Naturally, any good magazine will provide worthwhile data in every issue. If filed or indexed conveniently, a collection of issues or reprints can be a great help in coming up with answers. Some magazines feature regular columns that can solve especially perplexing problems. Many periodicals also offer a convenient means of obtain product literature and educational materials offered by associations and manufacturers. .