Without clear, accurate, and timely information about production, decision-makers have a difficult time making the best decisions. Timely and accurate information in the hands of your leaders and crews can and will make you money.

Measuring yards of concrete or number of bricks per man/hour has to be translated into information that will communicate to workers the status of their performance. When critical performance measurements are tracked and "translated," employees begin to see what is going on and, more importantly, what adjustments they have to make.

Construction software is one way of capturing and translating important data into information. Several software programs are available to the construction market, each with its own strengths and advantages.

Before beginning a job you should always make projections to be used as a benchmark for actual production. Using performance information enables you as the leader to keep workers updated daily. If you are not sharing information with your workers, you are missing a great opportunity to help them to make better job decisions.

If you feel your company's size doesn't warrant a computer with the appropriate construction management information system, you are selling yourself short. Information that is accurate and timely is crucial to your company's growth and profitability.

No matter which construction management information system you have, it is important to share the information with your workers. You will find that such information will actually make you money as you begin to catch performance problems earlier and empower your crews to make the necessary corrections.