Joe Nasvik has been working in the concrete industry for 37 years. He’s seen it all, and now he’s sharing that experience with you every month as senior editor at Concrete Construction magazine. Bosch’s Joe the Pro recently spent a few minutes with him.

Q: What was your first job in construction?

A: When I was about 12 years old my 10-year-old brother and I helped my dad place about 15 yards of concrete for a floor on a house addition belonging to an uncle. My brother and I shoveled stone, sand and Portland cement into an old concrete mixer for 10 straight hours and then helped finish the overly hard slab with hand floats and finishing trowels. We should have learned our lesson on that job but both of us eventually owned our own concrete construction companies.

Q: Can you give me a short summary of your career?

A: I have two masters degrees; neither is related to the construction industry. I started in the world of work as a youth director, then became a college professor, a psychotherapist, owned my own concrete construction company (for 18 years), did construction management work, became a director of marketing for a construction supply company and senior editor for Concrete Construction magazine.

Q: What was the toughest job in your career?

A: It was owning the concrete construction company. I worried constantly about weather conditions, labor, collecting money, maintaining a good work schedule and marketing efforts. I frequently worked with our crews placing and finishing and the physical work took its toll on my body, too.

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