W. R. MEADOWS has always thrived to do its part in educating the architectural community offering 10 courses via the AEC Daily website that not only help teach aspects of different elements including (but not limited to) building envelope, waterproofing, and concrete restoration, but also count towards AIA credit.

Detailing Air Barriers is the latest installment. This newly rolled out course is one (1) hour long and focuses on specific techniques for installing the different types of air barrier materials. The use of air barriers are an integral part of a high performance building enclosure, and while most architects understand the whys, they may not be clear on the installation details. This important layer of the building envelope requires careful detailing and installation. Some firms are even requiring meetings with installation contractors to be sure details are correctly executed. This course covers tricky details, including rough openings, roof-to-walls, and joints between different building materials. This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education, and is HSW-approved. The course earns one learning unit (LU).

“Protecting the building from unwanted air and moisture infiltration is an essential component of a proper building enclosure and there are an endless number of air barrier materials that can be included to perform these functions,” said Russ Snow, Building Science Specialist. “The critical aspect of an air barrier system is continuity, and as an air barrier membrane is an integral part of the complete system, it is important to understand how it is installed, and the detailing associated with a successful installation. We hope that this presentation provides the knowledge on what to look for, and how to address the issues that can arise during construction.”

Air barriers are hot topics these days due to current codes and standards in place. Air barriers are a significant detail in all building envelope systems, including that of W. R. MEADOWS. We encourage you to sign up for the course and learn the intricate details of installing air barriers, and earn credit while doing so!

Many other courses are offered by W. R. MEADOWS via AEC Daily. We are also happy to offer lunch-and-learn presentations. Click here to schedule one at your firm.


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