By starting off in the trades and gaining experience as a project manager, Henry Hill, CEO of Lenox Hill Construction, rose through the ranks and became a successful contractor.

As part of the family of Mack Construction from 2012-15, the business grew by 3,600%, leading Hill to acquire and rename the construction and development ventures Lenox Hill Construction.

Lenox Hill Construction is a general contractor at heart. Although the contractor does self-perform most concrete, subcontractors are hired for a good portion of the work.

Some of Hill’s favorite projects are in downtown Chicago. Two that really stand out are a seven-story condominium and a medical office building.

“These projects were very challenging in terms of logistics and mobilization, but they were extremely rewarding at the end of the day,” he says.

The upper management at Lenox Hill Construction consists of people with at least 14 years with the contractor. “We have formed a commonality that you don’t see too often in companies nowadays,” Hill says.

Lenox Hill Construction has experience working on a variety of projects, including commercial office buildings, Chicago Transit Authority station renovations, schools, nursing facilities, health care facilities, fast track and big box retail, multifamily residential, and municipal projects.

“We have a very versatile and well-organized team that helps us manage our projects from concept through completion down to the smallest details,” says Hill.

The motto of Lenox Hill Construction is Trust is the Foundation of our Integrity.

“I won’t sit here and tell you how honest and trustworthy we are. We try to lead by example and show people how trustworthy we are through our actions day in and day out,” Hill says.