Since the typical contractor doesn't have the personnel to spare to keep informed about the new jobs as they come up, a better method of uncovering new business is necessary if he wants to be able to pick out the best bidding opportunities. Generally the best and least expensive way to obtain this information is through a job reporting service. Basically, a job reporting service tell the subscriber who are the major buying influences are on developing new projects where they are located. Report slips are mailed daily to subscribers enabling them to contact the appropriate buying influence. This information aids the subscriber in obtaining maximum effectiveness from his efforts to get new business. An additional benefit from the reports is the opportunity to keep abreast of the activities of competitors. Through the reports it's possible to keep tab on other firms and much of the work they're doing. When properly evaluated, this information can help a contractor tailor his own proposal when bidding against another firm. In some instances this analysis of a competitor's probable bidding procedure might influence a contractor not to did on a job. Since proposals cost money, this information can often be of great value.