It is an offense in the Australian State of Victoria for any person to enter into a contract for the construction and sale of a house unless there is an indemnity or guaranteeing force with respect to its construction in accordance with requirements of Victoria's new House Builders' Liability Act. This Act of Parliament is unique; it leaves the administration and operation of controls largely in the hands of the industry itself- a triumph over bureaucracy for self-regulation of private enterprise. The minister for local government must approve guarantors or insurers and it is significant that the two which have received approval are in the housing field: the Master Builder's Housing Fund Ltd. and the Housing Builders' Association Ltd. Under this Act the client is protected against bankruptcy or liquidation of a builder's business during the construction period and also against his failure to complete the house to the standards required for issuing a certificate of occupancy. The adoption of performance specifications, the supplying of concrete by established ready mixed concrete plants, the placing and finishing of concrete by specialist subcontractor, and the supervisory activities of a local building surveyor, all add up to present concrete as a relatively trouble free item in all home construction.