Some readers may have memories of ducking under their school desks during routine A-bomb drills half a century ago. Others associate the term energy crisis with today's news rather than events of the 1970s. And so it is with concrete trends and technology. A review of article topics from 50 years of Concrete Construction, proves that certain ideas and methods persist and are as much a marvel as an archaic oddity today.

Over those years, our primary mission has been to present practical construction and troubleshooting methods, at both the basic and advanced levels. At the same time, these more technical articles are interspersed with information on aesthetic achievements, engineering feats, industry developments, and business issues. The following pages present but a small sampling from our annals. We invite you to visit the archives at to explore these and other articles on the topics that interest you.

We begin with what the editors called “Creed of a Concrete Man” back in May 1958, published in a format “suitable for framing or display under desk glass.”

Stamp of Originality

Art for Art

Back to Basics

Hot Market in a Cold War

Failures are Finger Posts

The Concrete Advantage

Soaking Up Rays with Concrete

Flat World

Rebar Research