Hard, sharp competition, such as characterizes the American business scene today, makes heavy demands on those who would play a vital role in this vast scheme of things. For the man who wrests his living from the construction industry by competitive bidding, it is of vital importance to have a most complete and detailed knowledge of all costs that are involved in doing any one particular job. Yet the average small contractor has no time to make a detailed analysis of job costs, nor does he usually have the means to employ those who are competent to evaluate cost material and present it to him in a usable form. Why go to the trouble and expense of making such studies when you are now getting plenty of work and showing a profit? Besides, you say, you have been in the business for years and if there is one thing you know about the work it is what it costs. Here are a few suggested advantages that can accrue to you from such a cost study. The first advantage, and the one that is probably of greatest value, is the ability to take the results of the study, assemble them in whatever way is most convenient, and from them work up a cost estimating form that will include all of the costs that have been run down and evaluated. This form can be made to fit each individual organization's specific needs, and it can be made to call attention to all of the costs normally involved. An open space is also recommended that will direct attention to the task of looking for extra or unusual costs. The form should be so designed that it must be completely filled out before a cost figure can be determined. The use of this technique can ease and speed the work of estimating. A second advantage is elimination of unnecessary costs. You may find that you are doing work that could better be eliminated, or you may find that by changing a method you can make an overall saving. Third, you will have detailed, intimate, and up-to-date knowledge of the cost structure in your particular industry. And last, the student that you hired for the summer may come back after graduation and develop into a very valuable employee. The construction industry can use more industry-trained engineers at all levels.