John Held
John Held

Builders Plus Inc. began as a shell contractor for apartments and residential homes. After nine years in the business, the opportunity to construct a tilt-up building presented itself. Builders Plus not only performed as the tilt-up contractor but as the general contractor for an 110,000-square-foot office warehouse building in Coral Springs, Fla. After the construction of this building, Builders Plus focused strictly on becoming one of southern Florida's premier tilt-up contractors.

  • We target owners, architects, developers, and general contractors. With more than 200 employees, we are a tilt-up contractor that serves South Florida, Central Florida, and the West Coast of Florida.
  • Tilt-up is an economic and time-efficient way of casting concrete walls. We are actively involved in green tilt-up buildings, and recently aligned our company with the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, we were instrumental in the design and development of Augers—a brace anchor used in lieu of concrete deadmen.
  • One of the most unique projects we have worked on is the Vista Center, Palm Beach County Operations Center. It is a 300,000-square-foot, four-story building consisting of panels 80 feet high. With a tremendous amount of rustification, the panels are 12 inches thick on the first and second floor, 9 inches thick on the third floor, and 7 inches thick at the fourth floor, resulting in an award-winning, architecturally magnificent building.
  • One of our biggest challenges is finding and hiring quality employees. We base our business on building a quality product on time with our main focus on satisfying the customer. To do this we must employ like-minded employees. Also, we have continual training for all employees focusing on customer satisfaction at every level.
  • Promoting employees from within the company is very important to our business. We find that as employees move up the ladder, there is an appreciation for those he or she now supervises. This builds an overall team-work concept since most of our superintendents have at one time or another been the carpenters forming the panels.
  • Safety is another key component. It must be the starting point for any construction business. Builders Plus dictates special efforts by top construction management to establish and conduct a high-quality safety program for the benefit of all persons at our jobsites. All of our employees participate in the development of our overall project safety program. Additionally, all personnel are required to attend OSHA training class updates.
  • What makes a contractor successful is the quality of service they provide to their customer. In order for a contractor to remain successful, it must develop and maintain lasting relationships with its customers that go beyond just the price.
  • We have experienced steady growth the past few years. To ensure business is kept profitable as well as manageable, we begin by hiring quality employees, giving them the best training and providing an excellent management team that believes in clear communication, and ensuring a team-like, family atmosphere.