Imagine you were suddenly unable to retrieve your accounts-receivable records, or your project-management software lost track of all activities scheduled for completion early next year. Imagine you could no longer accurately calculate the taxes or insurance premiums to be withheld for your employees. There is a nasty little bug out there with the potential to wreck such havoc on the computer hardware and software tools you use every day to manage your business. Undoubtedly, you have already heard about this menace, which the computer industry has dubbed the "millennium bug" or "Y2K problem" because it will do its worst damage once we've crossed into the year 2000. Even contractors who operate small construction firms can be affected by the Y2K computer glitch.

To help you assess your risk, this article describes how the millennium bug attacks and how it can affect construction accounting, estimating and job-scheduling software. It also gives steps you can take to immunize your business from Y2K software problems.