Big contractors and small contractors are different. Or are they? In this issue, Concrete Construction presents its first listing of the top concrete contractors in the United States. We've done our best to get information on the big guys, frankly, just because they are big. And yet, many of our conclusions about how the top contractors operate apply equally to the smaller contractors.

Times are still good for concrete construction. Maybe not as good as last year—margins are a bit tighter, but for some that's a relief. "I expect the next year to be softer and maybe less hectic," says Tommy Ruttura, Ruttura & Sons, Farmingdale, N.Y. "Maybe we can get back to what is right and not what is fast." Projects may get a bit smaller, requiring more detailed work, and more funding may come from the public sector. Craig Morrison, Finishing Edge, Marysville, Wash., says, "2000 and 2001 are similar years; in 2002 we will focus more on public work instead of private flatwork."