Cemstone supplying 1,800 cubic yards of pervious concrete for a ¾ mile-long neighborhood roadway construction project in the city of Shoreview, Minn. The roadway's pervious concrete is 7-inches deep, with 18-inches of aggregate underneath.

The undertaking, located near the shores of Lake Owassa, is Minnesota's largest pervious concrete roadway construction project to date. It will be completed in mid-August.

The city chose pervious concrete for this environmentally sensitive area because of its ability to capture and filter storm water to prevent run-off. Moreover, because it can eliminate the need for storm water retention ponds, pervious concrete contributes to improved land management practices. The neighborhood has no available land for any type of storm water retention pond, making pervious concrete a highly desirable and sustainable solution.

"We're excited to see the city of Shorewood make a major commitment to pervious concrete and sustainable development," said Thor Becken, president of Cemstone. "Our company has been an innovator in pervious concrete's introduction in the Upper Midwest, and this is an excellent opportunity to showcase its many environmental advantages."

Because pervious concrete contains no fine sand, water passes through the concrete matrix thereby promoting the filtration of heavy metals, suspended solids and even petroleum products. Pervious concrete also promotes tree growth, lessens the urban heat island effect and recharges aquifers.

On July 22, a group of more than 100 (including many engineers, architects and city officials) attended an Open House sponsored by the Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) to see the placing and finishing of a section of the roadway. The group also witnessed a demonstration of the finished product's performance when 2,000 gallons of water from a Cemstone ready-mix truck was discharged and disappeared into a previously poured section of project.

The primary concrete contractor is North County Concrete of Ramsey, Minn. "We are one of the most experienced pervious concrete contractors in the region, with more than fifteen pervious projects under our belt. But this is, by far our, largest effort to date," said Karl Virkus, president of North Country Concrete, Inc. "About three-fourths of our pervious work has been with Cemstone, and we appreciate their knowledgeable staff, commitment to customer support and focus on innovation."