Concrete Cares of Nebraska proudly announce its contributions to helping families of children battling cancer in Nebraska over the last three years. Despite only recently being formed, they have donated over $21,000 to local families. The company thanks those who ave contributed to its cause including their members of the NC&AA, ACI Nebraska, and the local community in Nebraska.

Concrete Cares of Nebraska also announced what they did to help out over the 2015 holiday season:

This past December, in addition to donating $8,000.00 to the 4 families that were stricken with cancer, we also chose to help these families have a better Christmas Holiday. The Paula Rathman family has 2 young boys 4 and 6, Vicente Tejeda family has a 5 year old. For these 2 families Concrete Cares with your support obtained a Christmas wish list from these children and purchased over $750.00 (approx. $250.00/each child) worth of Christmas gifts for them so that their parents could give them a nice Christmas morning without the worry and stress.

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