At the World of Concrete it feels like drinking from a fire hydrant trying to quench our thirst for knowledge, sharpen our skills, or just catch up on the latest gadgets. But how will this load of activity benefit our industry? Maybe it’s time we rethink, “What happens in Vegas...”

As I happily sport one of the ever-present yellow backpacks from HD Supply and beat a path around the convention center trying to soak it all in, I’m amazed by the diversity everywhere at WOC. From the people in fine Italian suits to the folks wearing faded jeans and worn out work boots, from the 18 to 81 year olds, and to the obvious multiculturalism where people from across the globe converge in turbans, cowboy hats, or flat-billed baseball caps, WOC clearly represents everyone who is interested in concrete.

As I’ve gone from booth to booth inside and out and as I’ve sat in seminars, I’ve talked with attendees, business owners, salespeople, and everyone in between as people network or promote software, tools, equipment, and any kind of product you can imagine.

For example, I talked with Danielle H. over at the ACI booth, where the good people are providing an invaluable service for our industry by supplying us with the essentials in literature, resources, and guidelines. And, I was honored to meet the Adams family, who through their ingenuity is working hard to market a brand new
rebar mat jack.

And along the way, I’ve drawn a couple of conclusions. One: What we are doing here this week is too important to leave behind — what happens in Vegas can’t stay in Vegas. We must take our experiences back home and we have to share them from coast to coast! Two: Regardless

if you are one of the titans like Hitachi and Hilti or Mack and Putzmeister, or you are like the Adams family with their 10x10 foot awning out on the outskirts, we are all here chasing our dreams. May we advance our dreams beyond the abstract and form them in our own world of concrete.

Craig Cottongim is a columnist and blogger for Concrete Construciton.