Roger Corbetta, himself one of the nation's foremost concrete contractors and also founder of the well-known Concrete Industry Board and New York City, told the first annual convention of the National Concrete Contractors Association at Chicago that their organization represented a development long overdue. The whole field of concrete construction, Mr. Corbetta said, is coming into its own much faster than anyone can possibly realize. The speaker expressed the belief that in order to face the challenge that their industry must meet in the years just ahead, concrete contractors have urgent need of a strong, dedicated national organization. His own firm, Corbetta Construction Company, although is started out as a concrete contracting organization, eventually found it necessary to shift over into the field of general contracting. With concrete today accounting for approximately 35 percent of the average structure, Mr. Corbetta believes that is essential that the concrete contractor be prepared at all times to take on the responsibility for the entire structure. These increased responsibilities, coupled with the increasingly powerful organizations being formed by other building trades, make it essential in Mr. Corbetta's opinion that the concrete contractor form a strong organization of his own to gain the power of a collective voice. Mr. Corbetta reviewed briefly the history of the Concrete Industry Board of New York City, a group formed to bring together all of the widely dispersed organizations whose activities in one way or another affect the quality of concrete construction work. Ours, Mr. Corbetta said, is the only trade that manufactures its product at the construction site. All other trades have factories. Because of this, and because of the growing importance of concrete in every type of construction, the speaker believes that there is a real need for the formation of concrete industry boards in every part of the country. There is no limit to the possibilities of our industry, Mr. Corbetta said in closing. Our biggest problem today is one of deciding what we are going to do about the challenge before us.