The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association continues to expand its training program offerings by responding to the needs of cutting contractors, and so is pleased to announce its training dates for 2009. In order to allow contractors to provide operators with superior training, CSDA has hands-on and classroom courses for every discipline. Companies simply choose those that best suit their business needs.

Classes have been scheduled for both the spring and fall of 2009 in order to provide cutting contractors with choice and flexibility, allowing operators and employees to attend when companies can afford to send them. The courses also offer training for varying levels of knowledge and experience, which enables contractors to send new operators along to learn the basics of the industry or allow their more experienced operators to hone skills and become a CSDA Certified Operator.

These hands-on and classroom courses are in addition to CSDA's new online training website introduced earlier this year, consisting of 21 new online training courses. "Training is critical to the success of any company. Employees from varying backgrounds and experience can benefit a great deal from the knowledge and techniques acquired from these type of courses," says Rick Norland, Lead Instructor.

By using CSDA courses as a company training program, participants are assured of receiving top-notch instruction by industry experts, presenting the latest cutting practices, and assistance with career paths for employees. The courses also offer structured training to increase efficiency and productivity, and documentation to limit company risk and liability.

For more information about these or other training courses offered by CSDA, call the CSDA office at 727-577-5004. To access training courses through the CSDA website, simply visit and click on Online Training, or visit