The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association continues to develop, improve, and expand its range of training materials, and is pleased to announce the release of a new instructional DVD and video on the subject of Flat Sawing and Blade Safety. The CSDA has been quick to respond to advancements in sawing and drilling equipment, such as electric and diesel power saws, and how they can affect the daily working practices of operators. By staying in tune with all the latest sawing and drilling developments, CSDA ensures it remains on the cutting edge of the industry.

Skip Aston, chairman of the CSDA Safety Committee, explains, "There is far greater use of electric and diesel saws today than there were 10 years ago, and this DVD was upgraded to meet the technical challenges that operators face today."

The Flat Sawing and Blade Safety Video helps to provide operators with the skills and knowledge required for safe and effective flat sawing, along with addressing important issues like proper blade tightening techniques. This was a necessity, as CSDA had become aware of some dangerous situations with blades coming loose and separating from the saw.

"Operator safety is paramount, and safe working practices and precautions relating to this type of work are highlighted and reinforced. The video encourages operators and employers to refer to ANSI regulations and adhere to them. Safety is not only a matter of knowledge, but of attitude," says Rick Norland, lead instructor for CSDA training classes.

Training not only benefits the employee but employers as well. Many companies will testify that the rewards associated with employing highly skilled, well-trained teams outweigh the costs of training courses and materials through the quality of their work and the satisfaction of clients.

This new video also is available as an online course, along with many others, via the CSDA Web site.