As more individuals find alternative means of transport, cyclists can rejoice! Designed by Mercedes- Benz, and produced by Tarmac, with panoramic widescreen and floor-to-ceiling doors, the Econic Concrete mixer vehicle will help drivers get a better view of cyclists sharing the road with them. This will help void blind spot areas.

To reduce the risk of slipping, the mixer has a low entry point, just two steps from the ground, reduces the risk of injury from leaving the vehicle.

Sean McGrae, national transport manager, said,

We operate the largest vehicle fleet in the industry, and are committed to improving vulnerable road user safety across the UK. The trial of the Econic mixer is part of our broader approach to road user safety. We are pleased to be working with vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to trial this revolutionary new safety design.  As an industry, it’s important that we continually explore opportunities to drive improvements in this area.

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