Dayton Superior is proud to announce that the Delta Tie, an insulated, tilt up concrete panel connector, has achieved the distinction of achieving the desired fire ratings prescribed in the NFPA.285 fire test and, most recently, the ASTM E-119 fire test.

The Delta Tie underwent NFPA 285 fire testing in April 2012. SWRI labs in San Antonio performed the test. The test, developed by the non-profit National Fire Protection Agency, assesses combustible components used in non-combustible wall panels and assemblies. The test simulates the flammability and fire performance of multi-story exterior wall assemblies.

The second phase of fire testing of the Delta Tie occurred in early May 2012. SWRI labs in San Antonio conducted ASTM International’s ASTM E-119 fire test. This test evaluates the duration building elements are able to contain a fire and/or retain structural integrity during exposure to a standard fire, controlled to reach specified temperatures over a 4-hour time period.

“The Delta Tie design has remarkable strength and durability which allows for increased load bearing applicable to all brands of foam panel insulation.The successful completion of these industry-critical fire safety tests proves the Delta Tie is able to withstand direct and indirect exposure to flame and temperature extremes without loss of structural integrity,” said Rick Lindstrom, Director of Engineering at Dayton Superior.

Dayton Superior’s Delta Tie uses an engineered composite matrix consisting of a geometrically configured, two-dimensional truss from continuous wound fiberglass embedded in an alkali-resistant resin.