The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), St. Louis, annually awards the W. Burr Bennett Award for Safety Excellence to one general contractor, and one specialty contractor. The most recent winners were announced at the ASCC Annual Conference, Sept. 16, 2010, in Salt Lake City. Walbridge, Detroit, was recognized in the general contractor category and the specialty contractor award went to Amalio Corp., Sterling Heights, Mich.

The awards are presented in partnership with CNA, Chicago, to contractors that place the highest priority on safety. Entries were judged on three years of safety performance indicators, values, and trends; a self-assessment checklist of safety practices; and detailed descriptions of safety plans and culture. Both Walbridge and Amalio demonstrate a commitment to safety, employee involvement, companywide active practice and dedication, and control over exposure to accidents and injuries.


According to Stephen B. Clabaugh, vice president, safety, health and environmental for Walbridge, the company believes employees are entitled to work in the safest jobsite conditions. Each employee is required to complete 30 hours of training annually and they strictly follow the company’s motto: “If it’s not safe, I won’t do it, and I won’t let others do it.”

Additionally, Walbridge operates with a core value of “think, demand, and deliver safety in all aspects of the business.” Safety is discussed at every meeting at every level, incorporating goals that strive for zero injuries, incidents, and tolerance for unsafe behavior.

“Safety is operationally driven as all corporate and project executives are fully engaged in the safety process at Walbridge,” says Clabaugh. “Their commitment translates into accountability within all levels of the organization.”

To achieve its goals, Walbridge provides front-line safety awareness by employing more than 50 full-time professionals dedicated to preventing jobsite incidents. Their methods have proven to be successful, as the company has received more than 100 national, local, and project safety awards in the past 10 years. “Winning the Burr Bennett Award and the recognition that comes with it from the construction industry continues to reinforce our commitment to safe construction projects for all employees,” says Clabaugh.

Amalio Corp.

In business for 45 years, Amalio prides itself on maintaining a strict schedule to get their projects done on time, without compromising safety. The company has seven full-time management employees and 11 full-time foreman supervising 30 to 75 full-time field staff.

Amalio’s safety program is implemented by the management team and filtered down through the safety coordinator, the field supervisors, each employee, and each subcontractor.

“The most successful aspect of the program has been the teamwork among all the employees, management, and owners of the company,” says George T. Ghazal, project manager/safety director. “If it weren’t for everyone being completely on board, I have no doubt the program wouldn’t be as successful as it has become.”

Working under the premise that an organized jobsite is a safe one, the company continually educates its employees on safety. Each member is responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of every person on the job.

“The Burr Bennett award means a great deal to our company for a number of reasons. The main reason would be that we believe the award validates all the hard work and effort the employees, management, and ownership have put into our safety program to make Amalio Corp., and our jobsites a better and safer place to work,” says Ghazal.

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