Every year at the World of Concrete and also at the American Society of Concrete Contractors’ annual meeting, safety classes draw the smallest audiences. At the ASCC Concrete Executive Leadership Forum last week I was involved in a discussion on this topic and the question was simple: why? The contractors present were adamant that it’s not because they don’t take safety seriously. But perhaps classes on safety don’t generally present anything new—they tend more to be scoldings about why safety is important. Learning about new management techniques or the newest materials and equipment seems more urgent.

The best safety tips the CELF group came up with were that every person on the job has to take safety personally, not just for themselves and their reports but also for coworkers. Every person on a jobsite is responsible for the safety of his coworkers. Good safety isn’t a program or a device, it’s an attitude. Maybe you don’t go to a safety class to learn an attitude!