The overall U.S. economy added 230,000 jobs in April with the construction industry adding 45,000 jobs. It's a sign that a slowdown earlier in the year was just a blip, according to a report in the The Washington Post.

In 13 of the last 14 months, the nation has added at least 200,000 jobs, a period of hiring unmatched in 15 years. But starting this year, the pace of job growth took a modest step back. And in March, it cratered, with only 85,000 positions created — the worst showing since June 2012. The March hiring number initially stood at 126,000, but was revised downward Friday. Economists now say that the hiring slowdown was likely influenced by a West Coast port strike that choked off supply lines and by a severe winter that kept shoppers and construction crews indoors. In Friday’s data, there was at least one clear sign of the hiring bounce-back: The construction industry added 45,000 jobs in April, its best mark in more than a year, after losing 9,000 in March.

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