I often am asked what qualifies a company to be listed in our CC100 as a top concrete contractor in America. Annual revenue is certainly the main criteria for our rankings, but what other factors could affect the ranking of a top concrete contractor in America?

Specific variables greatly influence revenue growth. For example:

  • A solid reputation for quality concrete contracting work
  • Positive relationships with employees and subcontractors
  • Innovation in regards to technology, equipment, and technique
  • Diversification to survive the tough global, national, and local economies.

Certainly there are others, but I believe these are the core traits that make up a successful contracting business. Traits that cannot be assigned a monetary figure per se, but ultimately affect a concrete contractor's annual revenue.

Albanelli Cement Contractors Inc., Livonia, Mich., is typical of today's concrete contractor. One that faces increased competition, decreased revenue, and every factor imaginable that has put many concrete contractors out of business.

A few months ago, I spoke with owner Paul Albanelli. He called me about the CC100 and voiced his concern about submitting his application. At the time, I did a quick scan of this year's submitted applications, and told Paul I felt confident his firm would make the list, based on his company's revenue figures.

In the days prior to the deadline for CC100 applications, a flurry of submittals poured into our offices. As these applications were processed, Albanelli Cement Contractors slowly dropped down the list. When the CC100 officially closed, Albanelli Cement Contractors was ranked at No. 102.

I have known Paul for a couple of years now and the more I thought about Albanelli Cement Contractors, the more I realized that Paul's company symbolizes the concrete contractor of today's new norm.

Paul is president of the ASCC and attends the CEO Forum, the association's annual meetings, as well as Hanley Wood's World of Concrete. These core events help concrete contractors to not only keep their businesses technologically progressive, but also keep them fiscally ahead of the curve. But there is another trait that distances Albanelli Cement Contractors from other concrete contractors in the country.

Quite simply it's Paul, as well as his partner and cousin Wayne Albanelli, and their passion for the family business and the concrete industry. Staring in the face of adversity, knowing it's going to be a difficult year for the company as well as the employees and their families, and continuing to forge ahead. Day by day, contract by contract, knowing that tomorrow may be tougher than today. But Paul and Wayne press on, much like their family did when Albanelli Cement Contractors opened its doors 59 years ago.

This passion, this trait, is not something that can be assigned a monetary value, but if you could, Albanelli Cement Contractors would top our list of America's top concrete contractors.