From file "084_cc0906s" entitled "CC - September 2006" page 01
From file "084_cc0906s" entitled "CC - September 2006" page 01

In the belief that “a failure is more instructive than success,” Concrete Construction presented an epic 11-part series, “Failure Lessons in Concrete Construction,” authored by construction failures guru Jacob Feld. The series, which ran during 1964, included the following topics:

  • Wall failures from unbalanced pressures
  • Formwork failures
  • Temperature effects on completed work and during construction
  • Concrete disintegration from contact with corrosive materials
  • Concrete disintegration caused by internally embedded reactive materials or ingredients
  • Design and detail error
  • Shear failures in concrete frames and slabs
  • Difficulties and incidents in prestressed concrete
  • Plastic changes in concrete
  • Pile and foundation deficiencies
  • Tolerances

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