Businessmen are becoming acutely aware fo the increasing portion of sales of the increasing portion of sale that goes into insuracne preminums. Insurance costs to protcet against vadaslim have soared int eh last decade. In effect, the entire insurance package of may firms has now come under ocntiual scrutiny. Fro insuracne purposes buildings have for many years frequently been classified for many years into four types: frame construction, in which both the walls and roof are made of combustile materials such as wood. Brick construction refers to buildings with masonry walls and a cumbustible roof. Noncombusticle construction embraces that with masonry walls and a roof that will nor uspport dcombustion, such as concrete on a steel deck. Fire-resitive buildings have masonry walls and a roof of reinforced or prestressed concrete or some type fo protected steel. To see this in effect, a look at actual costs.