Care in observing safety rules can substantially reduce the threat of accidents. But hand in hand with preventive action should go knowledge of what emergency action to take when a man is hurt of the job. Five general rules of first aid are: one, keep the injured worker lying down. Two, don't move the injured worker except to get him out of the way of falling debris or anything else that might further endanger his life. Three, examine the injured worker to determine whether emergency action is necessary. Four, do not give an unconscious or semi-conscious worker anything to drink. Five, do not let an injured worker see his wounds. The following are some specific rules for particular injuries. For shock, shock results from the trauma of broken bones, severe burns, or open wounds. You should keep the injured party lying down with a blanket to keep him warm. For severe bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean, sterile cloth. Do not remove cloth after bleeding has stopped but leave it on as a bandage. For suffocation, remove the worker from the cause of suffocation. If the worker is not breathing, check his airway and clear if necessary. Call 911 and start CPR.