GREENSITE is celebrating its third year at WOC and continues to highlight the latest and greatest in sustainable technology and techniques. By touring the displays in the GREENSITE area or taking in one of the live presentations, attendees can learn real-world, practical ways to make concrete an integral part of their green-building projects.

This year's speaking program has been assembled in cooperation with the Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative (CJSI). The recently formed CJSI is a consolidation of the sustainability efforts of numerous concrete trade organizations and other groups. GREENSITE is a perfect opportunity for the group to engage the industry and share its message.

The speaker program features an array of industry experts presenting on a number of topics important to the concrete industry. The half-hour presentations cover a wide range of pertinent issues, including earning LEED points, tips for a sustainable jobsite, and using materials such as precast concrete, reinforced concrete, and lightweight concrete to achieve green attributes on a project. The presentations are informal and interactive and engage the audience with questions and discussion. One of Tuesday's presentations even featured a hands-on demonstration of pervious concrete?one of the hot topics at this year's GREENSITE event.

Another aspect of the program is the GREENSITE Luncheon and Forum, which takes place on Thursday from 12 p.m.?2 p.m. (see page 6 for more information) The event will feature a number of presentations and an interactive panel discussion. GREENSITE's poster displays will be open throughout the show and the live presentations continue until 1 p.m. on Thursday. There is a detailed speaking schedule posted at GREENSITE and are listed on page 6. Stop by and join the conversation about sustainability!