After several years of coming in around #18 or #19 in the CC100, Bomel leapt up to #9 last year and to #5 this year, with $325 million in concrete-related revenue. We wanted to know if that was planned or just a result of business conditions. Bomel's business development manager, Derral McGinnis, insists that the growth was intentional, although one could conclude from what he says that it was also from being in the right place at the right time and having the skills to take advantage of the opportunities.

Bomel's specialty is concrete parking structures—primarily in Southern California and Las Vegas. Indian gaming in southern California has been booming, as has Vegas casino construction, and Bomel was there to build the parking decks. “In the early 1980s we started doing parking structures,” says McGinnis. “Not just any concrete contractor can build a parking structure. It's extremely specialized from a formwork, equipment, and labor standpoint. We also do a lot of design-build work which gets us a lot of business. People are receptive to design-build today because of the speed at which a job can be completed.”

But the real key to Bomel's successful growth seems to be in its management expertise. “We've been able to grow without having to hire a lot more people,” McGinnis says. “We've hired a few more people and done a lot more work with the same people we had. One of the ways we've been able to do that is that the projects have gotten bigger. The same guy who 5 years ago was running a $7 million job today is doing a $20 million job. Our people have gotten better, more efficient, more productive.”

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