To get a loan to buy equipment for your construction business, you must prove to the lender that you are a good risk. To do that, you should have good documentation, prepared and audited by a certified public accountant, ready to show to the lender. Most lending institutions require year-end financial statements and interim reports for the last 3 years. These documents include the balance sheet, income statements, the statement of changes in financial condition, and footnotes to the financial statements.

The lending institution then reviews your company's history of profitability and related factors. As part of the approval procedure, the lender also looks at management strength. The lender even looks at your facilities. It also examines the purpose of the loan, which may be for buying more equipment or for expanding into new areas. You must be prepared to prove that projected growth justifies the purchase. Having good references carries a lot of weight with lenders. A good credit history can outweigh other weaknesses your company may have had in the eyes of the lender.