Metropolitan Police Service

You may recalling hear about the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit robbery, which happened in London over the Easter weekend this year. According to the BBC eight men were charged with stealing as much as $300 million in gold, jewels and diamonds and it appears the perpetrators had help from a little known tool made by a well-known brand. Tool of the Trade Editor David Frane explained how they cut through 20 inches of concrete with a stolen Hilti DD 350 diamond coring rig.

According to Frane:

Police officials know that was the tool because the robbers left it and others behind. The DD 350 rig is the second largest coring tool sold by Hilti. It weighs 76 pounds and goes for about $8,700 (US). There are believed to be only a few thousand of this model in the U.K; the one used in the robbery appears to have been stolen from a London jobsite late last year.

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