Many times when the concrete transit mixers arrive at a job site, the contractor is ready to pour concrete but not ready to receive concrete, says Cemex mixer-truck driver Lance Morgan. During a short presentation to the ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council last week, Morgan described how he had become frustrated with unsafe conditions during concrete delivery, including uncompacted fill beneath pathways to the delivery point that could result in trucks getting stuck or even overturning. A fully loaded mixer truck weighs 75,500 pounds, is 13 feet high, 10 feet wide, and as long as 42 feet with the booster wheels down.

To improve things, Morgan and other ready-mix truck drivers have developed the Job Safe program to “establish simple, easy-to-follow guidelines that reduce job site incidents and the risk of serious personal injuries.” The program simply asks that contractors provide clear access to the delivery point, that the ground is level and stable, that there is proper lighting if needed, and that the person handling the delivery knows proper safety procedures around trucks including the standard hand signals. Common sense and awareness of potential problems is the basis of the Job Safe program--treat these huge trucks with a huge amount of care. To learn more go to