The author of this article, an Australian, formed a tilt-up construction company called Advanced Building Systems Party Ltd. after seeing many tilt-up innovations in the United States. His next step was to gain the acceptance of the Australian market for the tilt-up system. He decided to design and build a 50,000-square-foot tilt-up factory and hold a demonstration on the day of panel lifting. While most of the attendees were amazed at what they saw, the developers were still skeptical. To get the attention of the developers, he had to prove that tilt-up can save money. Research showed that they could build a tilt-up building 15 percent cheaper and 25 percent faster than a conventional building. This meant initial savings for the developer of $150,000 per $1 million.

To address the many concerns raised about tilt-up, its necessary to have good promotional materials. One way to promote tilt-up is to show a videotape on how to build a tilt-up building. Address the benefits, the design, and the building process of tilt-up in order to answer the varying questions of developers and owners, architects and engineers, and contractors. Slides of tilt-up buildings are also useful promotional materials. Other suggestions for promotion include brochures, quarterly newsletters, product catalogs, educational seminars, and computer programs.