As editor in chief of Concrete Construction, part of my job is to spend time on the road at association meetings, trade shows, various media events and press conferences, and most importantly, jobsites.

Tim Gregorski
Tim Gregorski

Time management is critical while I am away from the office. As a contractor, there is no doubt you understand how important managing your time can be. Completing a project on schedule is of the utmost importance to your business. It is critical that you use your time effectively from the moment you step onto a job-site to the point when you call it a day. Every minute, meeting, and moment must be maximized.

With World of Concrete (Jan. 21–25) just a few days away, you must take the same attitude pertaining to time management while at the show. I know, it's Vegas and you're supposed to have fun. By all means, I concur as what else can be expected when 90,000 concrete professionals ascend on one location?

Even so, it is necessary that you plan out your daily schedule before you arrive at World of Concrete. By preparing an itinerary, you not only maximize your time, but you also can earmark time to experience each of the wide variety of can't-miss features World of Concrete has to offer—after all this is your show.

I would suggest visiting the outdoor demos, such as the Artistry in Decorative Concrete demonstrations, as well as the wide variety of industry “challenges” designed so your peers can show off their professional skills. The seminar tracks are vital to your continued education in the concrete industry as are the certification programs, while the massive exhibition area also should command a portion of your schedule as well.

It is evident that you will spend a good deal of time dedicated to World of Concrete events, which is why you came to Vegas in the first place, right? New technology, certification programs, demonstrations, etc., can only help you stay ahead of your competition. But it is also important to network with your peers—find out what they are doing not only in terms of their latest projects, but also what events or seminars they are attending and what piece of equipment or technology has their attention. This communication can harbor evidence to what other contractors have been thinking in terms of their business, and it also can provide proof of current trends in the industry. As you are well aware, diversifying your concrete contracting business is necessary these days as some segments of the concrete industry face leaner times ahead.

World of Concrete brings together the industry's leading concrete contractors from all over the globe. The information you gather in your time at the show can only benefit your business and put you a step ahead of the contractor who spent the middle of January at home.

Remember, what happens in Vegas, doesn't have to stay there—you should take it back to the jobsite.

Tim Gregorski
Editor in Chief