Constructive Communication,Inc.—a specialist in marketing communications and public relations for the design and construction industry—has announced a marketing scholarship program for Concrete Construction magazine readers. This scholarship will be awarded to three concrete construction firms in 2007. Not only will this scholarship program help the three chosen companies with their marketing efforts, it will also serve as an educational opportunity for other industry members.

According to Kimberly Kayler, president of Constructive Communication, most of those assigned marketing responsibility in the design and construction industries do not come from a marketing background, yet marketing continues to grow in importance for companies hoping to grow and succeed. In a recent survey, Constructive Communication found that the person responsible for marketing at architecture, engineering, and construction firms stated that the biggest challenges they face in marketing their companies are responding to increased competition from different geographic areas, obtaining good market research, identifying qualified prospects and targets, bringing new technologies to the marketplace, and differentiating their company from competitors. Although respondents stated that the most effective marketing tactics are public speaking, industry involvement, public relations, and trade shows, however only about 50% actually engaged in such activities. Although 66% of respondents said that they operate from a marketing plan, many admitted that their plan is really more of a budget because they didn’t know how to assemble a true marketing plan.

This program aims to help with this problem, not only for the lucky three companies that win the scholarships,but for all Concrete Construction readers. “Our goal is to help three companies fine-tune their marketing programs, while at the same time, showcase some of the typical marketing challenges faced by members of our industry,” said Kayler.

The scholarship recipients will be selected based on responses to three simple questions regarding the firm’s challenges, market conditions, and goals. Those interested should visit and click on the scholarship button on the home page.The marketing counsel will be provided free by Constructive Communication, Inc.—a firm with extensive experience serving members of the concrete industry. As a partner in the scholarship program, the results will be covered in future issues of Concrete Construction.

Bill Palmer, editor in chief of Concrete Construction, said he is excited about this program and looks forward to bringing readers some practical marketing advice they can put to immediate use. “I encourage companies, large and small, to apply for this scholarship,” said Palmer. “Not only will the company benefit from a marketing tune-up, but as an industry we’ll begin to better understand the importance of marketing and learn how to develop a practical and effective marketing plan.”