CC050901012bL1.jpgIn your February issue a question was asked about the first concrete grain elevator.

Here's something from the city of St. Louis Park, Minn., Web site (

“In 1899, St. Louis Park became the home to the world's first concrete, tubular grain elevator and provided an alternative to combustible wooden elevators. Despite the nickname of ‘Peavey's Folly' and dire predictions that the elevator would burst like a balloon when the grain was drawn off, the experiment worked and concrete elevators have been used ever since. You can still see this former grain elevator (which is now on the Historic Landmark Register). It's the tall ‘chimney-like' structure near Highway 7 and 100.”

Today, the structure is used to display the owner's business logo— Nordicware. The sign was recently repainted. The owner is planning landscaping and additional signage.

—Mike Lins, Safety Coordinator, Gresser Co., Eagan, Minn.