Fall Protection Solutions beyond the Capabilities of Normal Lanyards.

FallTech, a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for all industries where workers are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the release of the DuraTech 6’ Mini and 9’ WrapTech Self-Retracting Devices (SRD).

DuraTech 6’ Mini Self Retracting Device
Available as a single unit, or as a twin, the DuraTech 6’ Mini SRD allows attachment from
overhead to 5' below the dorsal D-ring outperforming traditional shock absorbing lanyards.
Customizable, with multiple Steel and Aluminum leg-end and swivel-eye connector options, you
can build your SRD for the way you work.

• Swivel-eye for reduced lifeline leg twisting

• Durable compact and impact resistant nylon housing

• Internal locking pawls provide quick and positive stopping action

• Integral shock absorber also provides visual fall event indication after deceleration

• Abrasion resistant Dyneema lifeline webbing provides longer service life

9’ DuraTech WrapTech SRD for Tie-Back anchorage
The versatile 9’ WrapTech SRD combines the benefits of the DuraTech Mini SRD with a 3’
jacketed web and carabiner - eliminating the need for a separate anchor connector. With an
anchorage capacity of up to 11", the WrapTech SRD provides the greatest tie-back anchorage
connection range available today.

Also available in Single and Twin Leg models, and accommodating attachment from overhead to
5’ below the dorsal d-ring, the 9’ WrapTech SRD is a complete connector and anchorage system.

• Versatile 9' working length

• Durable compact and impact resistant nylon housing

• Leg-end WrapTech® Carabiner with 5,000 lb. gate strength ensures secure Tie-back connection

• Abrasion resistant jacketed tie-off leg provides longer life

• Integral Shock absorber provides deceleration and indication of a fall event


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