The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the American Society of Concrete Contractors have teamed to offer a new course, How to Build a Successful Parking Lot Construction Business, to be held April 28-29, 2009, in Denver. Concrete contractors and concrete producers now have a unique opportunity to build successful businesses installing concrete parking lots.

This course is intended for concrete contractors and concrete producers. It provides features and benefits of concrete and asphalt for paved parking areas. It presents the importance of marketing and effective presentation skills in the successful promotion of concrete parking areas. The course also provides different contract delivery methods and how they affect the potential for a successful concrete parking lot contracting business.

Concrete has traditionally been perceived as the higher-priced but longer-lasting material for parking lots. However, with the recent rise in asphalt prices concrete has now become competitive in both initial cost and life-cycle cost. Now property owners can enjoy the benefits of concrete, including long service life and low maintenance along with environmental benefits such as cooler surfaces and reduced lighting requirements.

The course provides detailed instruction on how to design and build concrete parking lots. Concrete materials are presented, including discussions on strength, workability and durability. Construction techniques, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair are discussed. Additional detail will be provided on cost estimating, cost-benefit analysis and life cycle cost. In addition to details of conventional concrete parking lots, this seminar will provide introductions to innovative products such as whitetopping and pervious concrete.