Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading the newspaper and you see a spelling or grammar error right in the middle of a sentence? Or maybe it’s just my personal pet peeve since I am, after all, an editor trained to catch such typos. Which is why I found it especially frustrating when I discovered a spelling error in the Decorative Concrete column — in bold print, no less — of our June issue. Even worse, I have nobody to blame but myself for introducing the typo and not fixing it.

Even though I took steps to correct the error in the online version of the article, there was nothing I could do for the printed version that was already delivered to subscribers.

I’m sure that some of you have experienced such frustrations after you’ve completed a project. Perhaps in the form of efflorescence, discoloration, or peeling. Or maybe a customer called back about cracks or popouts in a slab after its first winter.

Some mistakes are easily repaired. But perhaps you’ve experienced a problem for which you haven’t yet found a good solution. If so, we’d like to help you address your difficulties in our Troubleshooting column. So send me your on-the-job nightmares and let’s see if we can help you overcome them. I promise, your name and company will not be attached to your comments. And maybe, by sharing our pitfalls, we can help others avoid them.