Operators used a variety of machines and attachments to complete the seven different tests of skill shown above.
  • ME2203 mini excavator on a ramp: Use leveling feature to straighten cab, then touch several targets with boom.
  • 3803ZT mini excavator with bucket: Maneuver bucket, with a bowling ball and chain attached, to knock over bowling pins surrounding machine.
  • 7503ZT mini excavator with bucket: Use bucket to knock soccer balls through a tire, “miniature golf” style.
  • MTL25 mini track loader with V-blade: Guide oversized soccer balls through an obstacle course, to score two “goals.”
  • MTL20 mini track loader with grabbing tool: Pick up a metal post set in concrete, a tree stump, and a large rock and place objects on specific targets, then reverse back into starting position.
  • 2109 skidsteer with 4-in-1 bucket: Pick up bowling pins with PVC tube attached to bucket, and place pins on a target. Pick up and drop more pins through a basketball hoop.
  • 2086 skidsteer with pallet forks: Obstacle course-style challenge, including (a) parallel parking; (b) lifting a block palette and placing palette on raised platform; (c) removing palette from opposite side of platform and replacing palette in original spot; (d) slalom course; (e) spinning cab and backing through a narrow opening; (f) pushing a soccer ball into a net; and (g) returning to starting point, using two-speed function.

Equipment Details

Seven different machines were used in the Operators' Precision Challenge, with a range of sizes and load capacities.

Track Loaders

  • MTL25 -3528 lbs. (Rated Operating Load)
  • MTL20 - 2976 lbs. (Rated Operating Load)

Skidsteer Loaders

  • 2109 -3850 lbs. (Rated Operating Load)
  • 2086 - 2600 lbs. (Rated Operating Load)


  • ME2203 - 2.0 Metric Tons
  • 3803ZT - 3.5 Metric Tons
  • 7503ZT - 7.3 Metric Tons

Operator's Precision Challenge 2007