The United State's Department of Labor's Occupations Safety an Health Administration (OSHA) announced a the final ruling regarding the exposure of workers to silica dust. Exposure to the substance can lead to lung cancer as well as silicosis, an incurable and progressive disease.

The United States Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez says that this new ruling will save lives allow workers to make a living without the added sacrifice of their health. The ruling will save an estimated 600 lives yearly and prevent over 900 new cases of silicosis.

Remodeling's Helena Okolicsanyi lists the specifics of the new ruling:

The new ruling will limit the exposure of silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter per eight-hour work shift, an 80% cut from the original 250 micrograms of silica exposure now allowed. The new ruling will also require employers to limit worker exposure to silica by providing respiratory protection and using engineering controls—water, vacuum dust collection, isolation of dusty areas, or ventilation— at the work site to decrease exposure.

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