CS070301007L1.jpgHow about World of Concrete this year? If you felt as though you couldn't turn around without bumping into someone, it wasn't your imagination. Attendance of 91,628 was a new record.

For our industry, it's become our own little community. Traffic in the South Hall was tremendous, and the displays, products, and talk about business prospects were great.

WOC staffers suggest that this Concrete Surfaces exhibit area is among the fastest growing concrete specialties areas at the show.

As I reflected about the event, I recalled some advice I received from an experienced editorial colleague after starting at one of my first jobs out of college. Editors need to think of the industry they cover like they're reporting on a little community. True, our readers were spread all over North America. But at the same time, they would all fit into a large sports arena, a total greater that the population of most cities in the United States.

I thought again of the community idea when reading the letter Scott Tarr sent me. Tarr had issues—major issues—with a story Art Weiss contributed for our Winter 2006 issue of Concrete Surfaces.

Tarr, principal engineer at CTLGroup in Skokie, Ill., believes Weiss was off base in his recommended use of polyurea as a filler for control joints in concrete floors. Weiss' article contradicts the American Concrete Institute's recommendation, he says.

Weiss, the technical supervisor at VersaFlex Inc. who also presented the same paper at the 2006 Polyurea Development Association's Annual Conference, counters that “the leader in polyurea joint filling material has as much as 100 million feet of filler in place and has never received a complaint such as in pictures provided by Scott Tarr.”

Perhaps the greatest service a trade business magazine like Concrete Surfaces can perform is to serve as a sounding board for a free flow of thoughts and opinions.

Think of us as the village square where citizens can gather to praise, compliment, or criticize one another. “Rethinking ‘Rethinking Control Joints'” begins of page 19.

And every community needs a store. We've provided one starting on page 46. These products have been especially selected for readers like you.

The good news is that after our launch in 2006, you have accepted us as your community's source of information. This issue represents our first stand-alone mailing and the promise of more regular distribution.

I invite our community of readers to let us know about our efforts, whether it's in response to the joint filling article or another issue. Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, and story ideas.

Tom Bagsarian
Managing Editor, tbagsarian@hanleywood.com