One of the best ways for a company to increase its share of the action is through promotion. All jobs are local. A local contractor can have a great impact on decisions by local businessmen. The concrete contractor often has the opportunity to promote the use of concrete over other materials. Suppose in your area of operation, 25 percent of the asphalt parking lots now under construction were concrete. Would your business increase? You bet! The increase in business volume would not come at the expense of your competitors; it would come at the expense of a competitive material asphalt. Perhaps the easiest promotion vehicle is the concrete parking lot. Every building will have a parking lot. As a rule of thumb, the parking area will be three to four times the size of the floor slab. It seems foolish to bid a floor slab and disregard the parking lot, yet it is done every day.

How can the contractor promote concrete parking lots? Let me state, from the beginning, that few parking areas are engineered. You don't have to be a high-powered engineer or architect to do it. You will need some sound technical information providing basic facts about parking lots and a basic understanding of concrete. And you will need to make a commitment to promote concrete for parking areas and set goals. But remember that we are promoting the benefits of a concrete parking lot long life, low maintenance, durability, availability (concrete is not controlled by OPEC), and a quality appearance which enhances the building's architecture.

This article also discusses the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign and associated follow-up and provides a concrete promotion checklist.