Traditionally, pervious concrete has been promoted as a mix with 15%-25% void structure. Our industry has accepted these values due to the balance of hydrological and engineering properties. Less than 15% voids and the slab will not drain rapidly, but is considered durable. More than 25% voids and the slab will drain rapidly, but will lose critical properties essential for long term durability.

Public perception is skeptical as to freeze/thaw durability, clogging, and strength. For a number of years, national focus has been directed at research and development to improve durability.

It has shown that with proper proportioning of the mix, many pervious mixtures demonstrate durable qualities that maintain have the proper void content for storm water infiltration.

The challenge is producing and placing pervious concrete pavements with the in-place properties recommended in the successful research conducted in various laboratories.
If you can control fresh density, strength and infiltration are predictable.

The presentation will consist of:
• Basics of Pervious Concrete
• Local Experience with Pervious Concrete & Lessons Learned
• Nebraska’s Quality Assurance Program (utilizing ASTM/ACI Standards)

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