A picture is worth a lot if you're lucky enough to have one selected for the cover of a magazine. Pre-planning a picture can help ensure a first-rate photograph that editors will want to use. The first thing to note is that a good photograph can greatly increase your chances of getting coverage in a local or national publication. Always hire a professional photographer for photos you plan to use in any promotions. If you are unsure who to call, ask other contractors who they use. Your best bet is a photographer with previous experience in construction or architectural photography. Be sure to let the photographer know whether you want color, black and white, or slide pictures.

Visit the jobsite ahead of time with the photographer to determine the best time of day to shoot exterior photos. Check the light for interior shots as well. When considering subject matter for your pictures, realize that almost anything that is beautiful or interesting and exciting to watch makes a good photo. Keep in mind that photos make an important statement about your company. A photo conveys and image of how the jobsite and the company are run. Also, make sure your photographs don't portray any OSHA violations and that you have asked the property owner for permission to take photographs.